Thought Leader Thursday: The Material Genome Initiative

The Material Genome Initiative (MGI) is a U.S. Federal government, multi-agency initiative launched by President Obama in 2011 to double the speed with which new materials are discovered, developed and manufactured at significantly lower costs. These advanced new materials in turn are expected to power a wide spectrum of industries from healthcare to national security. The accelerated process of time to market for new materials is expected to strategically improve our global competitiveness.

The origins of the program goes back to the President’s National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI); an R&D initiative to understand and control matter at the nanoscale level for technology and industry such that it benefits society. With the support of the NNI, nanotechnology research and development has been successfully utilized in Govt., industry and academia.

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Technology Convergence, Ingenious Creativity, and a Whole Lot of Fun – LA Converge Reflections

As I was flying out to our solidThinking Converge2016 conference, my mind was where it should have been for any good host:  making sure that our attendees would have a flawless experience and feel the time spent was worth their while.   We had great speakers lined up, the band was supposed to be good, the food was all set, and the weather looked great for the outdoor events. I knew my awesome marketing team was going to solve any problems, and bulldoze the endless list of little logistical things with ease.

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Follow Dragi: Summer of 10,000!

My highs of the summer cycling season include pushing through the 10,000 foot incline of the Michigan Mountain Mayhem course in June, and reaching my goal of 10,000 miles for 2016 on Aug. 31!


2016 India ATCx Conference Series

The 5 city 2016 India ATCx Series was held recently from July 21st and 29th. Part of the global series of ATCx Conferences, these 1 day events are filled with valuable information, and provide a great opportunity to learn, exchange, … Read More

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Optimization in Designs

When you hear simulation driven design, what benefits come to your mind? Hopefully one of them is optimization. Among the biggest benefits of simulation driven design is that you have a chance to optimize the designs before they are finalized. … Read More