Centralized Enterprise Licensing: Cost Analytics

Going beyond software license monitoring…

Many corporations calculate the cost of doing business for each business unit or department. In some cases, corporations will calculate costs based on geographic locations. Enterprise licensing represents a significant expense that needs to be allocated to different department and regions based on their software usage. Unless software license usage is broken down by departments and regions, it is difficult to calculate software costs and determine these chargeback amounts.

Altair SAO, our software analytics solution, incorporates a new module for performing such chargeback calculations. This functionality is available only if the solution is set up to include departmental and regional hierarchical structures, with users assigned to specific departments and regions.

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Altair PBS Works™ Will Optimize Australia’s Fastest Supercomputer

Supercomputing in Australia is slated to get a major boost this November, when the “Raijin” system at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) at The Australian National University (ANU) is replaced with the Fujitsu-made “Gadi” supercomputer, estimated to be 10 times faster than its predecessor. “Gadi” means “to search for” in the local Ngunnawal language.

ANU Professor and Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt is excited about the new 3,200-node system, which will power some of Australia’s most vital research in areas including weather and geoscience. “The upgrade of this critical infrastructure will see Australia continue to play a leading role in addressing some of our greatest global challenges,” he said. “This new machine will keep Australian research and the 5,000 researchers who use it, at the cutting edge. It will help us get smarter with our big data. It will add even more brawn to the considerable brains already tapping into NCI.”

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Boost Your HPC Power with Hybrid Cloud Bursting

When it comes to high-performance computing resources, IT management faces two major problems: capability and capacity. Capability: Sometimes you need to access new technology to provide leading-edge tools to your users to meet project requirements. Common scenarios would include testing … Read More

Random Response Fatigue Analysis

On a recent trip to Toronto, I looked out the window at a construction crane and noticed persistent motion from wind induced pressure. The motion was oscillatory in nature, rotating the arm back and forth, for as long as the … Read More