Simulation-driven Innovation™: Two Unforgettable Days in Detroit at the ATC East

Held at the Detroit COBO Center, with spectacular views of the Detroit River, the two-day Altair Technology Conference (ATC) East gathered over 700 attendees to discuss optimization driven design methods, the evolution of the user experience, and the impact of disruptive trends on simulation.

Following welcoming remarks on the first day from Jason Napolitano, Senior Vice President, Americas, Altair CEO Jim Scapa opened the conference proceedings with his keynote presentation on the Altair Business Vision.

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Modern organic architecture with ESAComp

Photo by Lisa Bettany


What is organic architecture?

First coined by Frank Lloyd Wright, it describes his environmentally-integrated approach to architectural design. Embraced by architects worldwide and across the ages, modern organic buildings tend to avoid linear or rigidly geometric shapes by using curves to suggest organic forms, often coupled with natural materials.

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Intelligent Connections for Smarter Buildings: Altair leverages Intel’s Building Management Platform (BMP) & CANDI to bring more data, devices, and services to building analytics

In an increasingly connected world, many companies are looking to make “smarter” buildings. The concept is relatively simple—a smart building is a structure that uses automated processes to monitor and control the building’s operations, including lighting, security, heating, ventilation, and … Read More

Recollections: Converge 2017 LA

Converge (kənˈvərj) verb 1. to tend to meet in a point of line; incline towards each other, as lines that are not parallel I offer up the formal definition above as ‘Converge’ is the name of our annual global conference … Read More