New Supercomputer for Global Chemical Research at BASF

What does it take to go from months to mere days in gaining results when conducting research? Supercomputing now plays a vital role in the advancement of systems efficiency across industries. On March 17th BASF and HPE announced in a press release that BASF has chosen HPE to build a new supercomputer for chemical research projects. HPE’s Apollo System supercomputer will help BASF to reduce computer simulation and modeling times from months to days and will drive the digitalization of BASF’s worldwide research activities.

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Thought Leader Thursday: What’s in my Designs’ Future? Seven Ways to Read your Data to Learn It

Recently, when a customer asked me if I can review their design exploration data to see how robust their design will be I felt like I was asked to be a tassologist for data. In Turkey, after drinking coffee in small ornamental cups, people turn them upside down and wait few minutes for coffee grinds to develop patterns inside the cup. Then they pass it to a friend-turned-tassologist to get a reading of their future from these patterns. Unlike tassology, understanding patterns in design exploration data is a mathematical process; but conveying those patterns to an audience requires story building skills just like reading patterns in coffee cups does.

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The Rocker Arms Diet

A couple of years ago, I moved to Bavaria, one of Germany’s wealthiest states. Even though Bavaria has a lot of industry, when driving through the state it can happen that you only see farmland and houses around you for … Read More

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National Puppy Day: Dogs of Altair

In honor of National Puppy Day in the U.S., we put together a collection of photos celebrating Altairians from around the world and their furry family members! Check out the video below to see some of the dogs of Altair, … Read More