CAD Data Quality and its Importance in Downstream Data Interoperability

This guest contribution on Innovation Intelligence is written by Shun Higashide, Global Business Analyst at Elysium. Elysium develops CADdoctor, which is available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

Throughout the product manufacturing lifecycle, specialized software exists for specific fields, creating a need to ensure one has “the right software in the right place.” It is without a doubt that many software solution providers have stood up to challenge this status quo, which has not been easy.

As a result, numerous software developers have developed the culture of complementing others’ weaknesses and functionalities. What becomes a seed of discussion is how these complementary solutions communicate with each other. There has been movement of standardized neutral formats to universally bridge the gap between the different languages. ISO standards such as STEP and JT have risen to a level where they are widely used by suppliers as an exchange format. While these solutions offer a good place to start, it is also important to consider how the quality of the data or Product Data Quality (PDQ) is preserved and maintained throughout the process.

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Featured Client: Simulations Impacting Life Changing Products

Allan F. Mogensen, aka “Mogy”, Industrial Engineer and proponent of work simplification coined the term “Work Smarter…Not Harder” in the early ‘30s, forever changing the way we think about doing things.

Oh I know. There is a plethora of opinions and interpretations about the working hard vs. working smart dichotomy. There is however, no doubt that this principle – applied in its simplest sense – is completely meaningful in the role technology has played in simplifying many a task in our everyday lives, introducing an amazing level of efficiency to their performance. In fact technological solutions so subtly permeate just about every facet of our routine lives, making it so much easier than yesteryears, that we don’t even think about it as we go about our business.

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Optimization in Designs

When you hear simulation driven design, what benefits come to your mind? Hopefully one of them is optimization. Among the biggest benefits of simulation driven design is that you have a chance to optimize the designs before they are finalized. … Read More