The Future of Mobility Landed in Detroit (and it is not a Meteor)

The relatively slow (28,000 mph) meteor seen across six U.S. states and Canada on Tuesday night was not the only news headline featuring Southeast Michigan this week.  The 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) opened its doors for media and industry experts on Sunday and will be open to the public on Saturday.

Now in its second year at NAIAS, automotive experts have the opportunity to gather and discuss about the future of mobility at Automobili-D, an international platform that brings together automakers, suppliers, tech startups as well as universities and government organizations.

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Altair SAO: Rightsizing Software License Inventory – Part 2

What-If Simulator Results – Performance Improvement

The previous post discussed the “Why and How” to Rightsize software license inventory at any company.  This post will discuss the results obtained using a Software License What-If Simulator that analyzes transaction history for a modeling software (check-in/check-out/denials).  We will focus on evaluating performance metrics when the license counts are varied using different Timeout and Max Sessions constraints.

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Combining 2D and 3D Simulation

We must often strike the right balance between the computational time and accuracy of our simulation. Simplification/removal of unimportant CAD features, locally refined mesh, and usage of equivalent elements are some proven methodologies to reduce the calculation time. If the … Read More