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Vice President, Corporate Development for Software Technologies, Altair Stephanie Scapa spearheads the implementation of strategic changes to the Altair business model to allow for Altair Partner Alliance (APA) companies to offer their technology to more users via Altair’s on-demand software licensing system. Over the course of her time leading these efforts, Stephanie had the foresight to realize an even greater potential for the Altair business model. As a result, she is at the helm of WEYV, a platform that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and (soon) watch visual content all in one app experience. Not only is she leading efforts surrounding the development of the app, but she is at the forefront of establishing deals with major record labels and publishing companies to offer their content to consumers via WEYV – just as she does in her role with the APA. Stephanie earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan.